Salt dough Advent Wreath

Do you want to make your own beautiful advent wreath from salt dough?Here you will find a recipe for salt dough as well as instructions on how to make a wreath. This Advent wreath stands out as a decoration and table decoration. Traditional rituals in the pre-Christmas period include burning candles on an Advent wreath.

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Salt dough Advent wreath

Advent Wreath – Instructions

The salt dough recipe and detailed instructions for making, drying, and baking dough are stored in the “Christmas Dough Decorations” instructions. Using this tutorial, we will develop a smooth and supple dough to make an advent wreath.

From the prepared salt dough roll out a basic flat sheet approx. 0,5 cm thick. Cut out the base for the wreath and put it on the baking paper. Roll out four pieces of a approx. 1 cm diameter, from which we will model rings for the candles. We can use empty tea candles and wrap the pieces around them lightly, so we get the perfect size of the rings. 

We leave a bit of space around the empty tea candle. These can be left in place even when the wreath is drying and baking. But you need to make sure, there is no wax left in the candle! 

Candle rings are decorated with scratches, which are created with a skewer. Regularly press the stick around the inner and outer circumference of the rings. This makes the edges nice and decorative and at the same time the individual rings are well connected with the basic ring of the wreath. Finally, decorate the candle rings at the top all around the same way.

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The basic ring for the wreath

We cut Christmas decorations (bells, stars…), depending on what shapes we like and how we want to decorate this Advent wreath.

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Making our own salt dough Christmas decoration

Decorate the salt dough advent wreath, let it dry well and bake.

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Advent wreath made of salt dough

Do you like the idea of baking your own Advent wreath? Here you will find another tip for advent wreath, this time from gingerbread dough.

Looking for inspiration for Christmas decorations? Instructions and ideas for making original Christmas decorations can be found here.

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