Fall decorations diy: how to make a tree from heather?

Fall decorations DIY project. Looking for instructions on how to make original fall decorations? Here is the inspiration for autumn crafts. We can use almost everything we collect in autumn: fruits, leaves, branches … We made an original tree from heather. We decided to use only natural materials, heather, wood and moss for the decoration.

Fall decorations

This autumn decoration is very decorative. Although it does not look at first time, it is not particularly difficult to produce. If we have all available raw materials on hand, we will be ready to produce it within an hour.

Materials and aids:

  • heather twigs
  • moss
  • dry branch
  • flowerpot
  • larger container
  • stones
  • wire
  • bark
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We will prepare a larger container from which we want to make decoration.

Pour some small stones into a smaller pot. Stab the branch into which we will arrange the tree and sprinkle stones.

Place the flower pot on the bottom of the larger container and cover it with the rest of the stones.

Autumn crafts ideas

We make a ball of about 15 cm diameter from moss. Gently squeeze the moss into a ball and wrap it with a fine mesh or wire to hold the shape.

Put the prepared ball on the tip of the branch and start to stab the cut branches of the heather. We heather evenly to create a nice decorative crown on the tree.

Heather autumn decorations DIY

At the end, cover the container surface with prepared moss.

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Fall decor ideas

The finished decoration can be completed with birch bark. Which complements the whole decoration nicely.

Fall crafts


The original heather tree is a beautiful fall decoration. We can put it in front of our house, on the terrace, balcony or garden.

Are you looking for fall decor ideas for the porch? Inspiration and instructions for creating fall decorations. Here you can find more autumn crafts.

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