Rosehip autumn wreath

Autumn rosehip wreath can be decorated with various natural materials. Today we decided on a wreath decorated with small rosehips. We were intrigued by their unique color scheme. They are beautiful and very decorative. They are great to work with and the decoration made of them always lasts very long.

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Autumn door wreath with small rosehips

Used Material

  • knotweed runners
  • twigs with tiny rosehips
  • floristic wire
  • pliers


We used our own base to make this rosehip wreath. We made it from several knotweed runners . If you don’t have a lot of fat, it doesn’t matter. You can use any other climbing plant or thin, flexible tree twigs to make a base for the autumn wreath.

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Wreath base

We twisted the knotweed runners into a circle and tied them together with a wire. The base for this wreath will not be visible, so we do not have to deal too much with its perfection. This autumn rosehip wreath is decorated with rose hips around its periphery and the base is completely covered.

The base is already finished. now we prepare rose hips. We will first remove the leaves from the individual branches of rose hips and clean them from larger thorns to avoid unnecessary injury.

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Tie the rose hip branches to the prepared base

Place the twigs gradually on the prepared base and fasten them with a wire. We place the twigs of darts densely in one direction and always tighten them firmly with a floristic wire to hold the finished wreath together.

Autumn wreath with rose hips can hang anywhere we want. It will be beautiful outside on the front door and indoors. It’s up to us what place we choose.

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Autumn rose hip wreath

If we don’t have any small rose hips available, we can make the autumn wreath from ordinary wild rose hips. It take more work, but the finished wreath is very nice. We need to wear leather gloves. These rose hips have a lot of sharp thorns and we could have scraped hands from them. 

If we collect more rose hips we can use them not only for autumn decorations. Rose hips contain a large amount of vitamin C and are very healthy. We can dry them in winter and make a nice tea. 

Are you looking for autumn wreath and other autumn decoration inspiration? You can get inspired and make your own autumn decoration according to our original instructions and ideas.

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