Paper crafts: Christmas tree DIY

Handmade Christmas paper crafts decoration. Paper is great material for upcycling. Inspiration and detailed tutorial on how to upcycle old books or magazines and make beautiful Christmas decorations. Do you like Christmas creating and DIY Christmas paper decorations? Here’s how to you to create a Christmas tree of paper. The simple production of this Christmas decoration will not take much time.

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Christmas decorations

Christmas inspiration for creation from paper.


  • Recycling of old paper, is utilizing old discarded books or magazines
  • a piece of wire (star)

We will use old books or magazines to compose these Christmas trees. For a book we just need to fold about 100 pages, for a magazine we usually need more. It depends on the quality and thickness of the paper.


We cut out the inner sheets from a firm back and we can start to folding.

Fold each sheet twice and smooth the edges carefully.

Insert the protruding corner inwards and fold it back to fit the edge of the page. In this way we gradually fold the individual sheets.

Finally, close the tree by partially gluing the inside of the first and last leaves. If we have more pages, this gluing is not even needed, the sheets are squeezed by the pressure of the folded pages.

Handmade Christmas decoration made of paper

The trees can be decorated with stars made of wires.

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Final Christmas crafts paper tree

Here you will find inspiration and tutorials for handmade Christmas decorations.

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