Pine Cone Christmas Tree

A pine cone Christmas tree, our choice today. We were deciding what Christmas decorations to make today and the choice fell on the Christmas tree made of pine cones. Pine cones are very decorative, durable and easily accessible art material that never disappoints. The tree is made of small pine cones. You can easily collect them under the pines in the garden, park or forest. We always use dry open pine cones to create Christmas decorations. The pine cone Christmas tree is very nice and decorative.

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Christmas tree made of cones

Do you like it? According to our instructions, you can easily make a similar pine cone Christmas tree, you just need to be able to work with the melting gun. It is relatively easy to make and does not take much time.

Used Material

  • polystyrene cone (height 26 cm)
  • dry open pine cones (small and medium size)
  • gold acrylic paint + brush
  • hot melting gun + sticks
  • golden spray paint
  • (glass stand)
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Material used for our pine cone Christmas tree


The base of our Christmas tree made from pine cones is a polystyrene corpus. First, paint it with gold acrylic paint so that the white color of polystyrene does not shine under the pine cones.

Let the color dry and prepare the pine cones. We will clean them and roughly divide them by size. We will test how many of them we need for each row.

Individual pine cones will be glued from below to the prepared corpus using a melting gun. Glue the pine cones close together. In each successive row we try to glue them as tightly as possible. We glue them chessboard-like, always above the gap from the previous row. so the pine cones fit together. We try to keep the gaps between them as small as possible.

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The pine cone tree can be glued to a glass stand

In this way, the individual cones are glued all around the corpus from bottom to top.

Glue larger cones to the lower rows and smaller cones up.

Finally, stick one nicely shaped pine cone to the top of the cone and the Christmas tree made of pine cones is ready.

Tree can be left in natural color. If we prefer a more distinct decoration we can easily spray it with spray, white, gold, silver or artificial snow.

All that is left is to find a nice place for the tree.


Place the pine cone tree on the selected place as it is or we can stick it on a glass decorative stand. Decoration thus gets a completely different interesting look.

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