Jewelry DIY ideas: Make a beautiful original necklace!

Looking for creative jewelry DIY ideas? Are you interested in homemade jewelry? Here you will find instructions and tutorial for making an original necklace. We have a guide for you on a silk necklace with beads. This original jewelry made of natural silk is very elegant and at the same time very light and comfortable to wear. You can customize your necklace in color and size to suit your needs. Silk silver-gray necklace will perfectly complement your clothes.

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Jewelry DIY ideas – silk necklace


  • silk cords
  • colours on silk
  • beads
  • scissors
  • metal end caps
  • 2 rings
  • snap fastener
  • small pliers
Inspiration and jewelry DIY ideas. Tutorial on how to make necklace from beads and silk.
Material for DIY jewelry making

Jewelry DIY ideas tutorial:

When making a necklace, we proceed in a similar way as when making a pink necklace.

String the beads on pre-dyed silk cords (always gap – nodule – bead – nodule – gap,…). Beads with a width of 1.6 mm.

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Dyed cords with beads

String the appropriate number of cords. This necklace consists of four strings. Snap the ends into a metal tip. Attach rings and snap hook to them.

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Metal tips

If your necklace doesn’t match your clothes, you can wrap it around your hand several times and use it as a bracelet.

If you want to have a set, you can create one. In the same way as a necklace, you make a bracelet from shorter cords.

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Creative guides – original silk necklace

Here you will find more creative tutorials on jewelry making and Jewelry DIY ideas.

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