Lavender decoration: how to make lavender heart?

How to make cute lavender decoration? Lavender is an amazing herb, enchanting everyone with its color and aroma. It comes from the Mediterranean and is very popular and very well grown and harvested in our country. We can grow lavender in the garden, but a larger pot or a box on the balcony or window sill will do. From lavender we can make beautiful decorations to the apartment or to the cottage, which will last until next summer. We created a heart of lavender.

growing lavender tips
Growing lavender – lavender decorations

Click here for details on growing, propagating, cutting and harvesting lavender.

Material & Tools:

  • lavender
  • wire
  • scissors
  • ribbon

How to make lavender decoration:

How to make lavender decorations? Making of lavender decoration. Lavender crafts.

Divide lavender into two parts. Put the stems together, wrap them around with the wire and shape them.

How to make lavender decoration? Lavender crafts. Making of lavender decoration.

Connect both parts firmly. Shape the heart and tighten it with wire in the tip.

Lavender heart decoration. How to make lavender decorations? Production of lavender crafts.

Tie a ribbon to the finished lavender heart and hang it.

Lavender heart decorations. How to make lavender decoration? What to make of lavender? Production of lavender decoration. Lavender wreath. Wreath diy.
Lavender decorations ideas – Lavender heart

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