Crochet rug: pattern

A crochet rag rug. Round rug made out of fabric leftovers tutorial. We often throw out old textile as waste, that just takes space. But we can crochet comfortable carpets out of the textile leftover into our kid’s room or the bathroom.

Used material and accessories:

  • textile leftovers, old bed sheets, T-shirts…
  • scissors
  • the thickest crochet hook possible 8, 10, 12 (according to the thickness of the material)
Recyclation - from old to new . Upcycle fabric from old clothers. We will create beautiful crochet rug. Rag rug making.
Recyclation – from old to new

It is time to stop throwing up things, that we can use in another way. From old clothers and fabric can be made various decorations, rugs, baskets, pillows, handbags and more. Upcycling or recycling is fun and it will help out planet too. Try our tutorial and crochet easy round rag rug from old fabric leftovers.

Crochet rug pattern:

Tutorial, on how to make new out of old.

We will choose material in colours, that we like. Cut the rest of the textile into 2cm wide stripes, or tear them apart (frayed edges). Coordinate the stripe colours and sew them together (so they align smoothly) or tie them (knots will appear in our pattern).

Crocheted carpet tutorial. Crochet rug will decorate your home. Rag rug is made from old fabric. Upcycling is great option if you want to cut down wasting.
Crochet rug tutorial

Crochet in short stripes. Adjust the final size to our need. 90cm diameter makes about 25-30 rows

Crochet rug. How to make a rag rug. This pattern will help you upcycle old fabric. Recycling old clothers. DIY rug.
Crochet rag rug

This crochet rug is very nice, decorative and easy to wash. The rug work very well as a decoration into your bathroom, bedroom, or children’s room. Crochet rugs are beautiful and practical home accessories and decorations.


You can decorate the rug with fringes on the edges.

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