Knitting stitches: diagonal lace stitch

Knitting patterns there are a large number of tips, shapes, stitches and patterns.. This pattern is suitable for knitting scarves or shawls. Patterns for knitting sweaters can be quietly perforated. Especially during cold summer evenings you will appreciate a light knitted sweater.

Looking for knitting patterns? Want to broaden your horizons and try new knitting patterns? Knitting is one of the favorite crafts not only of our mothers and grandmothers, but its popularity begins to rise again. Thanks to knitting we can make our own scarves, sweaters, caps or various home accessories and decorations. Various patterns for hand knitting and instructions for knitting can be found on our website! │Handmade knitting patterns with instructions│knitting patterns│knitting projects│ knitting scheme│knitting stitches│
Knitting patterns. Knitting chart.
Knitting chart

CO in multiples of 3 + 2 es stitches

Row 1: es, k2tog, *yo, k, k2tog*, yo, k, es

Row 2: (reverse line) and all reverse rows as it appears, all yo – purl

Row 3: es, k, *k, k2tog, yo*, k2, es

Row 5: es, k, *k2tog, yo, k*, k2tog, yo, es

Row 1-5: repeat


k- Knit

yo- Yarn over

k2tog- Knit 2 together

es- Edge stitch

**- repeat pattern

Inspiration and projects for knitting can be found HERE. If you are looking for other patterns for knitting that you can use in one of your other projects, find them HERE.

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